Everyday Specials​

More for Your Buck $pecial
Small Group Golf Outing
More for Your Buck $pecial




Buy 3 Prime Attractions for $19.99 

Buy 4 Prime Attractions for $24.99

Small Group Golf Outing

Round up a Posse of 8 or more family members or friends and get $2.00 off each golf game.

Weekly Specials

Favorite Five​
Rio Special
Favorite Five​

Your Choice of 5 Attractions

Tuesday - Sundays

All Day, Every Day!



(54" H & Taller)


​(Under 54" H)

​(Go-Karts, Golf, Rock Wall, Train)

Rio Special

10am - 1pm & 5pm - 8pm on Tuesdays - Thursdays

10am - 1pm on Fridays

5pm to 8pm on Sundays

​1 Euro Bungee

​Unlimited: Go-karts, Golf, Rock Wall & Train

54" or Taller          42" - 54" H         Under 42" H

$21.99                  $17.99                 $12.99

Looking for entertainment or a team building venue for your group outing? Look no further! We have packages for every group, small and large; including lock-ins. Call Outlaw Pass and let us design a special outing for your posse!

No outside food or drinks allowed except for birthday cakes with scheduled parties.